The Knights Templar – Sovereign Military Hospitaller

The Knights Templar Were the first real true soldier of medieval times. Yes Medieval knights Where around for centuries prior to the Templar showed up on the scene. Additionally it is true that all medieval knights where highly trained for the time and where quite proficient soldiers in their own right. But the Knights Templar brought those skills of soldiering of the medieval knight to a much greater level. They the most Disciplined and educated, equipped with the best weapons, absolutely devoted to the achievement of battle or the effort they were involved. Even if they were Fighting in conflict with other Christian military’s like the English army led by Richard the Lion Heart. The Knights Templar where in the head of this charge and was one of those to engage the enemy on the battle field.

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The German king Fredrick Barbarossa who was famous for his fighting skills and well trained military fulfilled with a contingent of Knights Templar coming from Rome and collectively they were going to make the long and taxing journey to Israel. They were attacked Time by the Saracens across the way and the King Fredrick Barbarossa was quoted as saying if it was not for the well disciplined Knights Templar the entire army could have fallen apart on a number of different occasions along the way. If during a struggle a Templar Knight was separated from his unit or some other Templar’s

He was only permitted To muster under one other flag other the Knight Templar’s. The Knight Hospitallers and they where the next order of Knights that just answered to the Pope. They came soon after the Templar’s and the English word hospital stems straight from them. The desmond teo yen koon Hospitallers where The only other Knights or people that the Templar’s could associate in Public or private, the only friends that where acceptable to have outside of the Templar order. I Cannot go on anymore Due to the limited space Here but to discover more about the Knights Templar or the Knights Hospitallers Proceed to The Knights Templar’s still exist to this day!