Mstnano – Quality is their strength and price is their advantage

Dragon of the show is a Graphene Research & Graphene Production, “Modern Synthesis Technology (MST)”.

MST is a research company that develops high nanotechnologies and trades them. It consists of researchers and experts with at least 7 years of experience in this field. Researchers from MST follow the practical implementation of their results and also develop strategies and compositions. They ensure the best quality with minimal costs by avoiding the intermediaries.


  • Coming to their services, they provide a wide range of research and development services for their clients.
  • Apart from the R&D on the contractual basis, they provide the clients with the personal and also professional consulting services in the form of consultation/ report.


buy Fullerenes

List includes Fullerene, Endofullerene, Graphene, PCDTBT, Nanodiamonds,  PCBM,  Nanodiamond thermal grease,  Multi-walled Nanotubes and  Colloidal Metal Nanoparticles

The vital among these is the Fullerene.

  • The fullerene was discovered in 1985 at Rice University by researchers. They are a family of carbon allotropes and are named after an American inventor ‘Buckminster Fuller’.
  • There are 2 kinds of variations: Functionalised fullerene and Endofullerene.
  • They are called as spherically closed-type or cylindrical molecules where atoms of carbon are situated at the vertices of pentagons and hexagons by covering the surface.
  • Product range varies as follows:
  1. Fullerene Extract C60/C70
  2. Fullerene C60 98+; 99+; 99,5+; 99,9+
  3. Fullerene С70 98+; 99+
  • Spherical fullerenes are called as Buckyballs, whereas the cylindrical ones are called Buckytubes. The C60 variant is often compared to a white and black soccer football. Recently researchers at UC Davis labs discovered the “Buckyegg” fullerene


Fullerene production process is as follows:

  1. By the arc method, synthesis of  fullerene-containing soot /fullerenes,
  1. Extraction,
  2. Separation  or purification for each molecule of fullerene, to buy Fullerenes namely C60,
  3. Derivatives’ synthesis  by using the organic synthesis techniques and
  4. Post-processing techniques namely matrix dispersion.


Areas  of Application: automotive industry, Research and development, coatings, electronics, composite and polymeric materials, paintwork materials, powder metallurgy and lubricants and cosmetology,

The fullerenes that have additional ions/clusters and atoms, and are enclosed within their respective inner spheres are known as here.