Getting permanent residence permit in Singapore

The advantages of holding a Singapore PR can explain the volume of PR applications each year, being received by the immigration office. Most resident expats from the Land of Smiles are ready to gamble their money, time and effort to secure a permanent residence status although the requirements and procedures are never clear and definite. Among The merits of holding a PR status in Singapore are as follows.

  • A PR holder can live in Singapore so he/she does not need to go through the immigration red tape.
  • There is a resident eligible for an alien registration book that is equal to the National ID card. Aside from this, he is going to be issued a residence publication.
  • A resident can be contained in the Tabien Baan aka house registration record.
  • A PR holder can get a work permit more easily than a non-resident. This suggests that need to get a work permit if he/she plans on working in Singapore.

getting pr in singapore

On top of the benefits outlined above, a resident may enjoy a good deal of privileges that go with getting pr in singapore. To finance a purchase earned instead of the use of shore funds in Singapore. Being able to apply for naturalization in accordance with the law involved; could be allowed a Singapore nationality. Family members may submit an application for extension of stay and permanent residence.

In awarding permanent residence status by, a lien is implemented by immigration bureau nationality. That is just 100 PR grants per nationality each year. The Application period generally opens in mid December which runs until the or early last business day of December. The PR application’s results are printed in a paper in December of the year. This means that the Singapore PR Application process requires a year.