Enjoy the trucks for the limitless outdoor fun

The Axial Racing Yeti Wrath

This fascinating rock racing truck has been expertly engineered to run in a smooth fashion.  It has a strong rear axle while its front suspension is independent.  Its functional and visual elements have been designed keeping desert trucks in mind.  It has impressive multi-speed features.

Powered by a 3150KV 4-pole brushless motor, it provides a perfect quantity of torque and speed. Precision machined aluminum shocks aid in suave suspension movement.

Some of its features include:

  • Rock Racing
  • Perfectly Engineered
  • Front Suspension – Independent

If you are passionate car lover, wishing to own a Yeti by Axial, then visit axial racing yeti wraith.  You will find a wide range of automobiles here so that you can have countless hours of non stop fun.

Tamiya Ferrari Porsche

Luxury cars typically are an indication of success.  This is every man’s fantasy.  You will often find boys hanging pictures of their favorite car on their home or office walls.  They will use Google or their favorite search engine to learn about the car, its features and varied models.  It is often a conflict when deciding between a Ferrari or Porsche.

Let us look into Porsche:

  • Available in 5 varied shapes
  • 4 WD
  • 265-620 horse power
  • Well Engineered

Let us look into Ferrari:

  • Available in 2 shapes
  • 460-963 horse power
  • Elitist

The two stunning cars have been competitors for generations.  You must conduct your own research to decide which one is right for you.

You can purchase these cars at tamiya ferrari porsche.