Affordable iPhone Repair service in Singapore

LYK iPhone repairs Singapore services are using high quality of LCD panels, which you ensure that your entire phone has vivid colors. The black deep and the information are fully readable in direct sunlight.

They are providing phone repair service at your doorsteps. They are having the workshop wherever the customer is. Whether you are late in your office or at home watching your child, they have a solution for all. Their technician will come to the customer preferred location, delivering the quality service which you can expect from any brick and mortar shop. The best thing is that all the transportation costs are included in the standard iPhone repair fees. So there are no extra charges will be going from your pocket.

iPhone repair Singapore

Below you will find the three simple steps for repair your iPhone:

  1. Selection of iPhone: They are able to replace the screen, fix the issues with camera or give the required boost to mobile battery. If you are not sure what is wrong with the mobile then their technician will run the diagnose also.
  2. Store Finder: Find a store nearby your place and post the device over there. You can book the appointment with our store before coming for repairing your iPhone. Alternatively, you can also post the device to our store. You can choose whichever the most convenient way is for you.
  3. Get it back and enjoy: Come to the store back on the given time and collect your fixed device.

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