Best Tricks and Tips to Save Money When Shopping for the Fashion Forward Women or Men in Your Life this Holiday Season

  • Shopping the Popular Holiday Sales

Practically everywhere offers discounts this time of year because they know foot traffic is going to be high and sales will be up. By sweetening the deal just a little but, they boost their annual revenue immensely. Here are the best places to find Holiday Special Sales.

Shopping the Popular Holiday Sales

  • Neighborhood Shopping Malls
    • On a cold day when there is nothing you can do outside, just swing into your local mall and do a quick lap around the perimeter stores. See what brands are offering what deals, and if anything really catches your eye, buy it. It’ll be one less gift to worry about down the road and a couple dollars saved.
  • Outlets
    • If you have a Saturday free, you could potentially knock out a big portion of your list with one stop at the outlets. Outlets typically have the same type of holiday specials as malls and small retailers, with already lowered prices. If you can find last years jeans for your boyfriend, at a fraction of the price it’s a no brainer purchase.
  • Online
    • If you can’t find that one specific item on your list anywhere, trying doing a Google search. A lot of online retailers like Barney’s New York have already low prices, holiday discounts and often free shipping on qualifying orders.
  • Buying Second Hand

A lot of people look down on buying second hand because they associate it with taking handouts, or charity, or whatever the reason. In reality, there are so many second hand retailers that specialize in high end fashion, it’s almost surprising that brands can still turn a profit every year. Here are our favorites.

EBay is one of the largest online retailers across the entire world. If you want something, it’s probably on eBay; including high fashion and luxury jewelry. Before going out to buy your loved one a brand new Tiffany & Co necklace, look for it on eBay. If you end up finding it, be sure to check the seller’s rating and reviews to avoid any kind of scams or rip offs.For the most part, eBay is very good at controlling the scams so don’t get all worked up over buying second hand.

  • Local Consignment or Secondhand shops

Our second favorite place to look are local consignment shops. Many of these stores have clothes with the original tag still on them. Somebody bought them, put them in the back of the closet, forgot about them and then cleared out their closet six months later when they needed the space; you’d be surprised what you can find at the consignment shop next door.

  • Look for Last Years Stuff
  • Rack clearing sales

At a time like this when there is high traffic and also a lot of merchandise, many retailers will have rack clearing sales simply just to make room for more stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for these sales as they are usually tucked away in otherwise unused spaces.